Plan On Buying Unfinished Furniture?

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Plan On Buying Unfinished Furniture?

Here are some facts about the unfinished parawood furniture:

  • It is made from Parawood or "Hevea" Tree
  • More furniture products are crafted in this extremely dense, plantation grown hardwood 
  • For every tree cut, a new tree is planted as a replacement, harmoniously maintaining natural balance


  • Plantation grown to promote ecological balance
  • Hardwood
  • Durable
  • Easy to finish

We can stain or paint the piece you want or you can do it yourself!

Here are some tips if you want to do it yourself!

1. Lightly sand with 120 or 150 grit sandpaper before staining or applying primer

2. Clean off all sanding dust with a cloth or rag

3. Apply your paint or stain evenly across all surfaces! (more than one coat of stain or paint may be needed, you have to be the judge for that one!)

4. Let the stain or paint dry fully (time will vary depending on the product you use) We suggest using a gel stain since it is a thicker type stain, sort of like paint!

5. Apply a topcoat of polyurethane or polycrylic protective finish to seal and protect your stain or paint (you will need a few coats to seal it properly, make sure to sand lightly between each coats)

6. Let it dry!

We recommend using a gel stain, it works really well on the wood!

Feel free to ask any questions about doing this process! We also would love to see your results as well!

Thank you if you read this as well!


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