How We Buy and Consign Furniture


main street used furniture sales floor

 What are the best ways to sell us furniture?

We do consign and We do buy furniture.

You must set your price for your items.

Read below to see what furniture we want to buy from you!

Here's a list of what we are looking for:

  • bookcases
  • dining room tables
  • dining room sets
  • bedroom sets
  • desks
  • dressers
  • chests
  • bureaus
  • nightstands
  • end tables
  • filing cabinets
  • armoires
  • pub tables
  • occasional tables
  • sofa tables
  • coffee tables
  • trunks
  • boxes
  • stools
  • sets of chairs
  • antiques
  • mirrors
  • leather club chairs
  • benches
  • signs 
  • upholstered furniture (sleeper sofas, couches, etc.

How to Show Us Your Furniture

Email clear and presentable pictures to

Tell us how much you want for the items. If we agree to buy, we pay you.
Please give us prices, we don't want to waste your time or ours! 

If you bring items to us, you get more money.

If you need them picked up, we can pick them up. 
Some people are not able to email photos. Most people do have a digital camera, phone, or tablet. Call Linda, the buyer, (860-254-5025) and bring the pictures in with whatever device you decide to use.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to inform us of any problems with the furniture, such as broken pieces, any damage or smells. If you don't tell us this information, it's possible we won't be able to buy it or prices could be reduced drastically.


Consignment Details

Our consignment terms are a 50/50 split. We hold prices for 30 days although, we have the right to reduce the price by 10 - 15% at any time to make a sale. After 30 days, we might lower prices 10 - 15% in 30 days increments. We will hold items in our stores with an original sale price below $50 for 120 days and items over $50 for 6 months.


After the designated time period items should either be picked up or they become store merchandise. We do not automatically notify any customer if their consignment period is about to expire. We pay by check at the end of the month following the sale.


We generally will not mail checks under $10 but will mail accumulated checks if the total amount exceeds $10. Pick-up and delivery are available but there may be a reasonable fee for both services. Please note that we generally schedule one to two weeks in advance for both viewings and pick ups although we will always try to respond as quickly as possible.



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